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Users' testimonials on the Andropenis Extender System

My Penis Size Has Always Been a

Problem in My Relations

My penis size has always been something that seemed to create tensions between me and my sex partners, no matter what they said. If you’ve ever been really affected by something in your life, you probably know what I mean. It never seems to fully leave your mind – it’s always there waiting for you, or someone's always there to remind it to you.

Here’s my story:

My life was quite normal, not to say boring. I had an uninteresting job and my girlfriend was about to leave me for an obvious reason, the problem I have regarding my penis size! In fact, I already had had many comparable situations in the past few years. It's like my penis size is influencing so much my behaviour and mood that my relations always end up the same way. I'll try to explain my points without being boring, well I understand that everyone has a story. As you all probably understand, I had never been pleased with my penis size, and this has been the cause of most of the problems in my life.

It all begun in high school when for sport classes, in particular for the swimming ones, we had to get changed in the locker room, I was so ashamed of my small penis that I thought everyone was staring at it. I knew for sure that I was the smallest in there, no comparison possible, but when you're under 3 inches in erection (I will let you imagine my size in flaccidity state), there is not much to hide! All that made me feel so insecure that I begun to feel like crap about myself, and soon, I was not able to go towards girls or have good social relationships. This frustration I held inside was so deep that it remained until a year ago, when I discovered the Andropenis treatment. Indeed, it was time to find a solution to penis size and self-esteem as it really altered me for any relationships and social gatherings...

I followed the Andropenis treatment for 8 months, investing in it all my beliefs to change and become someone else. This has been one of my best choices as I increased my penis size of 1.6 inches in length and 0.4 inches in girth. Unfortunately this has not helped me with my girlfriend (she ended dumping me), damn good! Since then, I have met more girls than I could ever have imagined, I feel now like a real sex machine, the girls I meet always ask for more! Apart from that, and as strange as it may sound for you, this big change has totally improved my life. On a sexual basis, but also on a social basis! I'm more open to people, feel more confident, and this is a must in life.

Having a bigger penis has changed so many things in my life that I really don't know how to express my gratitude to Andromedical, the inventor of the Andropenis extender, which is for me the must-have medical device for people like me. I would never have thought that the size of my penis could affect me in such a way, but now this is all over, this is past, I'm huge and this makes me feel real good. Thank you so much.


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I'd never have been able to enjoy sex like that without the Andropenis Extender!

Dan P., Los Angeles- USA

I’m 48 years old and I have never been able to enjoy sex because of my penis size, I was just really insecure. All my relationships with women used to last only a few months until I started using the Andropenis extender system. It’s been 8 months since I started the treatment and I’m happy to say that for the last 2 months I’ve been having sexual relations with my new girlfriend. I now know the meaning of enjoying sex without any insecurity; I’m a new man, happy and satisfied. I feel that I’m being loved and I can correspond to that love without any fears.


Thanks to Andromedical my sex life has totally changed to better!

Hitoshi K., Tokyo - Japan

This treatment has changed my life. Before I had a very small penis and felt really ashamed when getting changed in the locker room. I had this feeling that everyone was staring at my small penis. I also avoided sexual encounters, as women seemed to be disappointed after sex. Then I decided to do anything I could, and asked doctors for any treatment that could change my life, this is when I've been told about the Andropenis Extender device. My treatment is over now, and I really feel like a normal man, more self confident with women. I'm no longer afraid of my penis size and neither am I ashamed to show it off in the locker room. I have a large penis at last, the Andropenis extender helped me increase my penis size of 1.4 inches. Thanks again Andromedical for your precious help!

The Andropenis system has revived my couple and now, I can satisfy my wife!

Giovanni V.; Milano - Italy

I am 46 years old, married and have always led a peaceful life. 2 years ago my wife and I went through a crisis in our relationship, due to monotony. Things just started to get boring. This made me re-think my life as a husband. I realized how important it is to share your sexual fantasies with your wife, to improve our sexual life. She confessed she felt really excited when thinking of a man with a large penis. A few months later I happened to find the Andromedical website. I talked to my doctor and he was quite positive about the results I could obtain with the Andropenis system so I decided to go for it. I'm still doing the program and so far I have obtained 1.5 inches, and I've noticed a vast increase in girth, from about 0.5 in. My wife is really surprised with the progression and we find whatever excuse to “try the results”. We're like two teenagers again!

With Andropenis I have a huge penis

Jerry N., Washington - USA (2004)
Being 32 years old and single, for years I thought I wasn't attractive or desired by women, as all my relationships never lasted longer than a few weeks. Inside, I knew that the real problem of all that was my penis size, so I decided to look forward to solving that matter using a penis extender. Now, since I have used the Andropenis system to enlarge my penis, everything is different. I went from an "average" penis to what most people would consider a really big penis! I've even had women gasp when I take my pants off! I see men in the gym that look at me wishing they had such a huge penis, and this makes me feel good. I have an amazingly intense sexual life now, and I realize I give so much pleasure to my sexual partners they actually beg me for more! Thanks Andropenis!

Andropenis rocks! I am 1.2 inches larger and some 0.5 in. bigger! Go and get it right away...

Andy W.; Manchester - UK
I was going out with my girlfriend for about 4 years and we only had sporadic sex since I was ashamed by the size of my penis, and a year before I got married I started this treatment (Andropenis). On the wedding night my wife was totally amazed she couldn’t say a single word, we are now expecting our second family member. Sex is not an issue anymore in my marriage, now it’s a pleasure. Here are my before and after snapshots as proof of results for your treatment! Thanks again Andropenis!

The Andropenis extender freed my sex life that was inexistant a few months ago!

Xavier L., Paris - France

People say that Gay men's sex life is more intense, there is no doubt mine wasn’t! The reason was my penis size. I was ashamed of it and meeting someone who could mock me for my small penis would have hurt me very deeply, so I prefered to remain single. The fact was: I couldn't carry on this way and I had to find a solution to regain self-esteem!

I looked for penis enlargement solutions and found some stuff called penis extenders! I decided to give the Andropenis Extender System a try, which has medical back-up, and a free medical helpline I could use when needed. My treatment is now over and I'm 1.5 inches larger, I'm no longer ashamed of my penis size; and I can truly say that those few inches have transformed my sex life from boring to really active.

I can only recommend the use of the Andropenis Extender System to those men who, like me, have penis size problems! Thank you Andromedical for your great great product!


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