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Penis Enlargement: results obtained with the Andropenis

The aim of the Andropenis treatment is to stimulate the growth of the tissues of the penile shaft to create a permanent penis enlargement. This translates into:

  • Permanent enlargement of the penis of 3 to 4 cm in erection. (from 1.3 to 1.7 inches)
  • Permanent enlargement of the penis of 3 to 4 cm in flaccidity.
  • Thickening of the penis girth of 1 cm (up to 0.5 in girth).
The Andropenis penis extender device is worn in flaccid state for a period of either 4 or 9 hours a day obtaining an accumulative growth of 0.5 cm per month. It should be worn for a period of 4-6 months depending on the growth desired. Once the treatment is done, the enlargement obtained will remain forever:

The Andropenis penis extender enables a correction of 70% in penile deviations, curvatures or Peyronie's disease.

Before and After Pictures using the Andropenis Extender

 The Andropenis extender device is the safest medical device ever created, its results are totally permanent. Various clinical studies have been carried out to demonstrate the efficacy of the Andropenis extender system and results have demonstrated an efficacy rate of 97.5%.

 The Andropenis is the only medical device on the market with a worldwide medical back-up (See doctor that recommend the use of the Andropenis). Indeed, specialists all around the world approve and recommend the use of the Andropenis extender to acheive permanent penis enlargement either as a single treatment or in post-operatory phases, and also for penile curvature or Peyronie's disease correction.

 The two series of photos taken before and after 6 months of treatment, show the efficacy of the Andropenis extender system.

Patient A

Patient B


Source: Dr. Eduardo A. Gómez de Diego © 1999

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 The Andropenis extender system has specially been developed to fulfill with the need of thousands of men around the world to enlarge their penis or to correct curvatures wihtout surgery. Using the Andropenis extender system will help you change your life, no more shame of your penis size, you will boost your self-esteem and regain your lost manhood.

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