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Privacy policy

Data Protection Policy

In accordance with The Personal information protection agreement #15/1999, sign into law, December 13 , has as a goal to guaranty and to protect all personal information while being handle by any establishment, making them responsable and liable for any mishandleling of such information in spanish territories.

Andromedical, informs all our clients, the existance of our WEB site ( ) in wish we explain our protection policies in detail. Making users feel protected and confortable to give their personal information that could be necessary for subscriptions or registry in some of the services that we provide through our web site.Andromedical reserves the right to modify this conditions with the pourpose to adapt them to new legislative modifications or local practices, in which case we will anounce them in our web site with plenty of time in advance before implementation. Personal information given to us for subscriptions or registry would be electronically incorporated to our data file bank and will only be used for company officers market analisis or surveys in wich case the user is not obligated to respond. This process will allow Andromedical to maintain accurate information on potential and current clients. This will aid Andromedical in serving and managing its general public. All clients who are registered with Andromedical will receive information and brochures on offers, promotions, and recommendations provided by Andromedical. Information obtained will also be used in statistic studies of market that are essential in improving and providing a better service to the general public. Surveys will also be provided to our clients, but this service is optional and client is in no way obligated to participate in survey. Andromedical does once again guarantee total confidentiality of personal information received by center.

All information given on forms is optional, except where this information is required by center. If required information is not given, this can hinder the registration process and make treatment impossible to carry out.

At the same time you have the ability to execute your rights as a web user to access, rectify or cancel information and Andromedical is responsible for the safe keeping of it. Our address is Andromedical, S.L..c\Gran Via 6, 28008 Madrid , Spain

Access to personal information is guaranteed and stipulated under the following article: Article 15 / 1999 Information Protection Act, which clearly states the following;
- Right to Access.


- Acces Modification and Cancellations Rights.

Some information within files can be rectified or omitted upon client’s request. Only information that is considered non-relevant or of non-importance can be freely omitted. Any changes made to file must be in accordance with Spanish regulation.

Rectifying or omitting information from file is free of charge. An application or petition form must be filled out and submitted to the person in charge of filing. Identification must be shown upon request.

The petition must indicate address of client, date, and signature, and be accompanied by a photocopy of I.D. card. Any information which is erroneous and needs to be corrected should be indicated on petition. Any documents that validate the change of information (light bill for new address) should be presented also at this time, except for the fact when the client’s consent is all that is required.

In case of omitting information, a written consent is necessary.

- Opposition Rights.

When concerns and oppositions are expressed, and consent is not required to handle some data, the affected party could oppose to the normal handling of that data. The affected party can express the specific reason and concerns. Corrections can be made accordinly as long as there is a legitimate, founded and concrete personal situation.

In such cases the registry will exclude the afflicting information. For more information visit:

The professional and objective caracter of the Andromedical web site makes it unfriendly and unusual site for minors to visit, but in case they do, parental authorization needs to be obtained for that data to remain in our data base.

Andromedical, has adopted high levels of security to conform with The Royal Decrete 994/1999, of June 11th, that aproved The Rules and Regulations for electronic data bases handling personal information. Protecting information from being lost ,altered, mishandled or accesed by non authorized personnel.

It is important to convey to internet users that the meassures taken are not bullet proof. Andromedical makes sure that all our employees handle personal information properly at risk of termination. The nature of the data, name and address will be protected.

In case that Andromedical decides to share information with third parties,we will comunicate the intentions in advance, providing our user with the nature of the data, name and address of the third party

For more information about privacy contact us at Andromedical, S.L. c/ Gran vía, 6 -28013 Madrid, Spain or by e-mail: